NCCTGNorth Central Cancer Treatment Group
NCCTGNational Coordinating Committee on Therapeutic Goods (est. 1971; Australia)
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[103] developed a genomic signature that predicts who will benefit from trastuzumab in samples of the NCCTG N9831 trial, consisting of 14 immune-related genes and classifying tumors as immune response-enriched (IRE) and nonimmune response-enriched (NIRE).
"Hot flashes are a common symptom during the menopause transition or following breast cancer treatment," Sandhya Pruthi, M.D., of Mayo Clinic's Breast Diagnostic Clinic and a researcher with NCCTG, said.
[3] Nonstandard abbreviations: HER2, human growth factor receptor 2; IHC, immunohistochemistry; FISH, fluorescence in situ hybridization; FDA, US Food and Drug Administration; NCCTG, North Central Cancer Treatment Group; NSABP, National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project; CEP17, chromosome 17 centromere enumerating probe.
The NCCTG was founded in 1977 on the premise that the community practice setting, where most cancer care occurs, is the most appropriate venue for conducting clinical trials.
In the NCCTG trial, the delay between the completion of AC chemotherapy appeared to reduce the frequency of cardiac dysfunction.
The trial will be conducted through the NCCTG, a national network of cancer specialists at community clinics, hospitals, and medical centres in the US and Canada.
"Hot flash relief can be obtained with as little as 10 mg/day citalopram," Debra Barton, Ph.D., of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and her coauthors concluded in a poster reporting results of the trial (NCCTG N05C9) at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
Sloan and his colleagues gathered data from the large Mayo Clinic and North Central Cancer Treatment Group (NCCTG) clinical trials treatment and cancer control study databases.
Loprinzi and colleagues in the North Central Cancer Treatment Group (NCCTG)--failed to demonstrate any benefit (Cancer 2007;110:2110-8).
With regard to ginseng, researchers from the North Central Cancer Treatment Group (NCCTG), based at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, have generated preliminary data suggesting that a form of American ginseng may provide greater improvements in fatigue and vitality in cancer patients.
The clinical cooperative groups include the Cancer and Leukemia Group B (CALGB), the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG), the Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG), the North Central Cancer Treatment Group (NCCTG), the National Surgical Adjuvant Project for Breast and Bowel Cancers (NSABP), the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG), the Children's Cancer Study Group (CCSG), and the Pediatric Oncology Group (POG).