NCCTSNational Center for Child Traumatic Stress
NCCTSNorthern Chester County Technical School (Pickering, PA)
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In 2011, Thomas and colleagues devised the Guy's scoring system based on preoperative non-contrast computed tomography (NCCT) parameters and patient medical history, such as spina bifida.
nephrolithometry scores were calculated using preoperative NCCT scans, according to what has been previously described by Okhunov and colleagues.
There are only three countries left on the NCCT list--Myanmar, Nauru and Nigeria--but even these have enacted substantial AML reforms, so the task force is likely to review their status once it has seen their implementation plans.
The updated list of 17 NCCTs includes three Caribbean countries: Dominica, St.
The NCCT Initiative is intended to "reduce the vulnerability of the [international] financial system" by making sure that all countries and territories use common measures against money laundering.
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The primary instruments by which the FATF monitors progress made by its member governments are the self-assessment and mutual evaluation processes while the Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories (NCCT) initiative monitors compliance by nonmember governments.
Organizational Mechanisms to Assess and Ensure Compliance: Self-Reporting, Mutual Review, and NCCT Processes
The FATF has developed three specific processes to assess the adherence of countries with the Forty Recommendations: the self-assessment process, the mutual evaluation process, and the NCCT process.
The informality of the NCCT review process has allowed for a more flexible and agile response.
If a jurisdiction fails to remedy its deficiencies, FATF member states undertake their obligations under Recommendation 21, requiring institutions to secure identification of customers whose financial transactions originated or passed through a NCCT. The goal is to make it difficult for individuals and entities established in the NCCT to enter the FATF system.
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will send a letter to a number of countries to exclude the country from the list of non cooperative countries and territories (NCCT) in the fight against money laundering.