NCCUSLNational Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
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Series LLC statutory provisions and the NCCUSL has reconsidered its
S]tates tended to widely adopt NCCUSL proposals where uniformity was efficient--that is, where the parties' conduct or transactions may be subject to the laws of several different states, making it difficult to determine at the time of the conduct, or even at the time of litigation, which state law will apply, and where the affected parties cannot easily settle these issues by contract.
In each instance, the NCCUSL worked with state stakeholders to push for a uniform law that mitigated interstate conflict.
EUA no ha sido la excepcion; en el ambito del Derecho estadounidense, el principio de equivalencia funcional se encuentra consagrado en el marco de la Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), aprobada por la NCCUSL en 1999 y en la Electronic Signature Global (E-Sing), promulgada como ley federal en el ano 2001.
More recently, the NCCUSL decided to make amendments in order to
Although many in the legal community have concluded that family issues are "a matter of exclusive state concern and beyond federal regulation," (198) this has not slowed the expansion of national norms in family law through the growth of national associations and organizations, significant federal laws and Supreme Court decisions, and the work of the NCCUSL.
Missouri's Act had a completely different purpose than the original Uniform Arbitration Act promulgated by NCCUSL.
Later, the NCCUSL UCITA committee recommended "a new section that exempts from implied warranty rules the transfer of a computer program where no contract fee is charged for the right to use, copy, modify or distribute the program.
The NCCUSL is perhaps best known for promulgating the
The reports summarize for the NCCUSL legislative activity for that year (and preceding years) enacting, amending, and/or repealing a uniform state law or model act.
30, 1999), Testimony of Pamela Meade Sargent, Commissioner for the NCCUSL p.
Justice Walters, the first female president of NCCUSL, has been a commissioner since 1992.