NCCYSNew Canadian Children and Youth Study
NCCYSNational Center for Catholic Youth Sports
NCCYSNashville Community Coalition for Youth Safety (Nashville, TN)
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NCCYS respondents were mapped based on their postal code and then grouped based on the neighbourhood that they lived in.
(27) The NCCYS parent was asked: "In general, would you say your son's/daughter's health is: excellent, very good, good, fair or poor?" This question was dummy coded, allowing a comparison of those with excellent health to those who do not have excellent health.
In addition, sample bias exists not only due to the non-random sampling but also because people from NCCYS source countries who spoke other languages were not included in the study.
The NCCYS is a collaboration between a large team of more than 25 investigators, two national coordinators, other research staff, community advisors, and students affiliated with four Canadian Metropolis Centres of Excellence for research on immigration and settlement, and community organizations representing 17 different immigrant/refugee populations across Canada.
Regional effects on the mental health of immigrant children: Results from the New Canadian Children and Youth Study (NCCYS).