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NCDNational Council on Disability
NCDNational Coverage Determination
NCDNatural Cellular Defense
NCDNetwork Computing Devices
NCDNon-Communicable Disease
NCDNational Capital District
NCDNo Claim Discount (auto insurance)
NCDNon-Convertible Debenture
NCDNorton Change Directory (Norton Utilities)
NCDNegotiable Certificate of Deposit
NCDNanocrystalline Diamond (synthetic)
NCDNew Castle Disease (viral disease of chicken)
NCDNorth Central Division (USACE)
NCDNational Control Devices
NCDNormalized Compression Distance
NCDNanochromics Display (Ntera Ltd; Ireland)
NCDNational Catechetical Directory
NCDNaval Construction Division
NCDNonlinear Control Design
NCDNutrition Care Division
NCDNo Computed Data
NCDNo Can Do
NCDNo Cloud Detected (meteorology)
NCDNo Cell Delineation (ITU-T)
NCDNew Currency Design (US Bureau of Engraving and Printing)
NCDNon Coherent Detection
NCDNational Council on Drugs
NCDNewport Chemical Depot (Newport, Indiana)
NCDNational Calamity Contingency Duty (India)
NCDNetwork Copy Detection (Aldus Corp.)
NCDNon-Chemical Device (water conditioning)
NCDDeputy Comptroller of the Navy
NCDNon-Classified Drainage (forestry stream classification)
NCDNetwork Control Division
NCDNearly Completely Decomposability
NCDNaval Contracting Directive
NCDNetwork Control Device
NCDNode Connectivity Diagram
NCDNumber Column Density
NCDNorthland: A Church Distributed
NCDNetwork Call Delivery (Cisco)
NCDNetwork Connectivity Device
NCDNever Can Deliver
NCDNo Confirmed Date
NCDNetwork Call Distribution
NCDNon-Compliant Device
NCDNigerian Content Division (est. 2005)
NCDNeighborhood Commercial District (various locations)
NCDNational Center for Digitization (Serbia)
NCDNational Capacity Development (various locations)
NCDNative Circuit Description (file format)
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Themed Working Together towards an Enabling Environment for a Healthy Lifestyle in the ASEAN Region, the conference discussed the situation of NCD in the region, the cost-effective interventions for the prevention and control of NCD, the socio-cultural, political-security and economic perspectives as well as governance and partnerships.
She called for the need to implement the recommendations that came out of the 2015 Global NCD Alliance Forum, during which the Ruler of Sharjah reiterated Sharjah's commitment to combating NCDs.
It is an honour and a privilege to be hosting this important and timely global forum with the NCD Alliance.
The new NCD Alliance programme is designed to build the capacity of NCD civil society, to monitor national progress on NCDs and advocate for improved NCD policies and the strengthening of health systems.
The previous session of NCD saw the participants' agreed to include the (tenets, principles and values) as headlines in the agenda of the NCD in the following manner:-
NCD chairman Norman Mabasa said: 'We have agreed in principle that there should be a proclamation of a new figure.
NCD ThinPATH PC is available now for GBP100 per desktop licence.
Contact: NCD, (202) 272-2004 / 272-2022 (fax) / www.
Intel took a 4% stake last year for $10m to seal a deal to build 'lean client' systems and, when NCD bought Tektronix Inc's thin client business at the beginning of this year, it claimed it would be able to put together the best product line in the industry.
In commenting on the NCD ThinSTAR 200, the author said, "We had no significant problems with the ThinSTAR -- unlike other products we tested -- even though it was a pre-release product.
While its most used inputting technique is mouse-based, NCD also accepts models that include Fortran- or C-coded blocks.
Request for proposal fro Provision of Package of Essential NCD Interventions in Primary Healthcare consultant.