NCDDPNational Clinical Dataset Development Programme (UK)
NCDDPNational Control of Diarrheal Diseases Project (Egypt)
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When looking at the examination and treatment of children with diarrhoea, we controlled for training by the NCDDP.
This improvement may result from other positive contributions of the ECSP and NCDDP programmes: 69 (86%) of the 80 health facilities had wall-posters and 75 (94%) had instruction manuals about treatment of diarrhoea.
After the series of CSO consultations, the program is expected to come up with a summary of CSO recommendations on the NCDDP elements and features that will more promote government-citizens engagement for development and increase CSO participation in the implementation of NCDDP.
DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman said during the consultation, "We invited our partner CSOs to ask them about their roles and areas of participation so we can establish partnerships in implementing NCDDP," Soliman said in Cebuano.
As a community-driven development (CDD) program, one of the main areas of focus of the NCDDP is the empowerment of ordinary citizens through inclusion and active participation in local governance and key community activities meant to address local poverty issues.
The IP leaders who attended the national orientation were the head claimants of the Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title (CADT) in NCDDP municipalities from the seven ethnographic regions.
He said that based on a recent evaluation, NCDDP beneficiaries' spending for food and other necessities has increased by 12 percent.
The NCDDP will assist our efforts in the swift reconstruction of disaster-affected areas through financing and implementing community-driven projects," he said.
NCDDP is expected to benefit 8 million Filipinos living in poor communities.
The World Bank said the NCDDP would allow inhabitants to carry with their renewal activity by promoting crystal clear path for residents to classify their requirements.