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NCDINational Centre for Disease Investigation (New Zealand)
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He says the NCDI Commission analysis selected 20 priority conditions, based on overall health impact of each condition, severity of the condition in terms of premature mortality, and extent of disability caused by the condition, and the inequality of health outcomes for each condition.
Amegashie recommends that government should increase the NCDI focus and ensure they become proven health interventions that can address issues in the sector.'We can prevent early deaths from NCDIs if more investment is provided to collect more data on NCDIs.' He says.
In a PowerPoint presentation, he notes the objective for the establishment is to explore and quantify the burden of NCDIs (particularly in relation to poverty) and current service availability and to propose an expanded list of priority NCDIs and interventions that could have a favorable impact on the health and economy of Liberia.
Amegashie discloses that in fiscal year 2013/2014, total health expenditure for NCDIs was 72 percent per capita and , 74.7 percent of all expenditures were out of pocket from households compared to 60 percent for malaria, 30 percent for Tuberculosis (TB), 19 percent for reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health combined.
The NCDI, through the support of 15 major national corporations and foundations, and the U.S.
In New York City alone, NCDI has invested over $16 million in grants and loans since 1991.
It indicates that with much work still ahead, the Liberian Ministry of Health (MOH) is taking significant steps to meet global NCDI goals.
The report also says clinical protocols are also being drafted, promising to offer needed guidance in provider's clinical training and enhance the quality of care delivery in NCDI management.
Under the leadership of Doctor Fred Amegashie (MoH) and Doctor Jason Beste (PIH), the Liberia Communicable Disease and Injury (NCDI) has worked throughout 2017 to gather information to show the country's NCD burden and intervention profile.
The report says in spite of gains made in addressing maternal health and communicable diseases, the rapid rise in NCDIs imposes great strain on the health system.
As severe, chronic conditions, the Report stressed that NCDIs require significant investment by the patient, family, and society.