NCDVNational Centre for Domestic Violence (UK)
NCDVNebraska Calf Diarrhea Virus
NCDVNew Castle Disease Virus (paramyxovirus)
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Table 3 : Laws of fatigue crack propagation Reference Steels da/dN = C [([Delta]K).sup.m] (mm/cycle) G.Baudin et 35 CD 4 da/dN = [5,2.10.sup.-9] B.Barthelemy [9] [([Delta]K).sup.2,9] G.Baudin et 32 CDV 13 da/dN = [5,01.10.sup.-8] B.Barthelemy [9] [([Delta]K).sup.2,3] A.Atawi et 35 NCDV 12 da/dN = [2,6.10.sup.-8] P.Lehr [10] [([Delta]K).sup.2,564] S.T.Rolfe [11] ferrite da/dN = [6,89.10.sup.-9] [([Delta]K).sup.3] + perlite S.T.Rolfe [11] Austenitic steel da/dN = [5,6.10.sup.-9] [([Delta]K).sup.3,25] Table 4 : Values of coefficients A and b.
"In those circumstances it can be very hard to find any help and going to court without legal representation and standing up in front of a judge to ask for an order to stop their partner abusing them can be a terrible experience, and that's where NCDV can step in."
El suero hiperinmune para la cepa de rotavirus bovino NCDV (P6,G6) no tiene Ac que compitan de manera significativa con ninguno de los AcM utilizados.
In the present study it was evaluated the antibody response to porcine (138, Gottfried, OSU, 253) and non-porcine (WA, DS-1, RRV, NCDV) rotaviral strains belonging to different P and G serotypes in calostrum and serum of sows immunized parenterally with an experimental monovalent oil-vaccine based on the porcine strain OSU (P9,G5).
Humanas: Wa (P1A.G1), DS-1 (P1B.G2), Simia RRV (P5,G3) y Bovina NCDV (P6,G6).
El porcentaje de seroreactores contra las cepas de rotavirus no porcinas se distribuyo de la siguiente manera: 18% para RRV, 55% para Wa y 77% para NCDV. Ninguno de los animales tuvo anticuerpos contra la cepa humana DS-1.
Para las hembras vacunadas, se determino que el 100% de los animales tienen anticuerpos sericos contra los cuatro serotipos porcinos y el 100% responden a cada una de las cepas no porcinas Wa, DS-1 y NCDV, un 90% de ellas seroconvierten a la cepa simia RRV.