NCECNational Chemical Emergency Centre (United Kingdom)
NCECNational Committee for an Effective Congress
NCECNational Christian Education Council (formerly the National Sunday School Union)
NCECNational Campus Energy Challenge (Campus Climate Challenge)
NCECNational Computer Education Committee (of the Australian Computer Society)
NCECNational Catastrophe Equipment Coordinator
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The two parties being studied here are, on one side, three feminists--Eleanor Rathbone, Eva Hubback and Mary Stocks--who were among the leading thinkers of one of the largest and the oldest feminist organisations, the National Union of Societies for Equal Citizenship (NUSEC), which reorganised itself into the NCEC in 1932.
(47) Finally, under heavy pressure from civil society groups--particularly lawyers, the bishops of the Catholic Church, the Hindu Council of Kenya, the Supreme Muslim Council of Kenya (SUPKEM), the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK), the National Convention Executive Council (NCEC), and donors--the one-party parliament in December 1991 ended the de jure one-party status the ruling party had enjoyed since 1982.
The NCEC demonstrates students' growing awareness of what works.
Maurice Rosenblatt [1915-2005] played an inside role in mobilizing the National Committee for an Effective Congress (NCEC) in the effort to bridle Joseph R.
W Paul Strauss, DC, City Council Lp Texas Democratic Party - NCEC - New Jersey Assembly Democrats - Tennessee State Democratic Caucus - DCCC - - WI Dems - AKP MESSAGE AND MEDIA/D -- MEDIA Herb Kohl (in), WI, U.S.
The only one of the original Radio Campesino projects to survive, Radio Cadena is a project of the Northwest Communities Education Center (NCEC) that developed out of farmworker struggles in the apple orchards of eastern Washington during the early 1970s.
In 1998, the National Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (NCEC) was founded for the purpose of continued collaboration among the established entrepreneurship centers, as well as the newer emerging centers, to work together to share information, develop special projects, and assist each other in advancing and improving their centers' impact (contact:
Cliff, The Rise and Development of the Sunday School Movement in England 1780-1980, NCEC, Redhill, 1986.
NCEC is the home of Radio KDNA--the oldest and largest Spanish-speaking community radio station in Washington, serving a five-county region focused on the Yakima Valley (south-central WA).
Sue is using her new-found skills at work by designing a new site for NCEC to be launched in January.
"It means we lose any chance of winning the Senate," laments Russell Hemenway, who runs the National Committee for an Effective Congress (NCEC), the nation's oldest and most effective liberal PAC.