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Multi-state study of pre-kindergarten: SWEEP study (NCEDL spotlights on kindergarten transitions).
Among the state-funded pre-K classrooms in the NCEDL study, we found that only about 25 percent of classrooms serving 4-year-olds provided students with the high levels of emotional and instructional support that are needed.
In fact, the NCEDL 11-state pre-K study demonstrated that even in state-sponsored pre-K programs with credentialed teachers with bachelor's degrees (many of which are located in school buildings), variation in observed curriculum implementation and quality of teaching was considerable.
Detailed manuals describe these codes, numerous examples of variation, and the coding procedures (NCEDL, 1997; NICHD-ECCRN, 1996).
The Transition Practices Survey (NCEDL, 1996) was developed based on an extensive review of the literature on children's transition to school and the work of the National Transition Study (Love, Logue, Trudeau, & Thayer 1992).
NCEDL designed an approach to assist in fostering successful transitions, using a conceptual model of the transition process that is based on research in early childhood and elementary education, as well as on theories that emphasize and describe the ecology of child development, using a systems theory model (Bronfenbrenner & Morris, 1997; Pianta & Walsh, 1996; Rimm-Kaufman & Pianta, 1999; Sameroff, 1995).
Noting that young children under age five are still without comprehensive public policies to protect or enhance their status, this issue of the NCEDL Spotlights excerpts an article proposing a quality support system for early childhood education programs.
This issue of the NCEDL Spotlights series announces the availability of a national directory of institutions offering programs for early childhood teachers, "The National Directory of Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Institutions," published by NCEDL and the Council for Professional Recognition.
This issue of the "NCEDL Spotlights" describes the content of a new book, "The Transition to Kindergarten," based on a national transitions synthesis conference sponsored by the National Center for Early Development and Learning.
The Kindergarten Transition Project at the National Center for Early Development and Learning (NCEDL) has developed a school-based approach designed to enhance connections among children, families, teachers, and peers during the transition to kindergarten.
This report focuses on a decision-making model developed at the National Center for Early Development and Learning (NCEDL) and designed to help decisionmakers and policy analysts weigh various policy options for a public issue such as childcare quality.
This report discusses a new assessment tool being developed by researchers at the National Center for Early Development and Learning (NCEDL) for assessing early intervention program quality.