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in percent, and [C.sub.N] is the overburden stress correction factor (NCEER, 1997).
In 1996 and 1998 National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Centre for Earthquake Engineering Research (NCEER) organised workshops to gain a consensus on the developments made in Simplied Procedure over the last decade.
NCEER won the contract to design and retrofit the dampers on the building, as well as monitor the new seismic system's performance during actual quakes.
it can be obtained from NCEER, Red Jacket Quadrangle, Buffalo, NY 14261; (716) 636-3391.
Andrus et al., "Liquefaction resistance of soils: summary report from the 1996 NCEER and 1998 NCEER/NSF workshops on evaluation of liquefaction resistance of soils," Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, vol.
(11) NCEER, Proceeding of the NCEER Workshop on Evaluation of Liquefaction Resistance of Soils, edited by Youd, T.L., and Idriss, I.M., 1997, Technical report NCEER-97-0022.
The "simplified procedure", as embodied in the "NCEER report" will be used as the basis for the probabilistic procedure.
Mueller et al., "Uniform hazard spectra, de-aggregation, and uncertainty," in Proceedings of FHWA/NCEER Workshop on the National Representation of Seismic Ground Motion for New and Existing Highway Facilities, NCEER Technical Report 97-0010, pp.
Progress in this area has been periodically summarised in state-of-the-art reports and monographs such as that published by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) (Seed & Idriss, 1982), the proceedings of a workshop run by the US National Research Council (NRC, 1985), the US National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (NCEER) (Youd et al., 2001) and a very recent monograph by Idriss & Boulanger (2010).
NCEER suggests using the equation (4) to determine the value of MSF:
Li, "Sliding mode control for seismic-excited linear and non-linear civil engineering structures," Technical Report NCEER 94-0017, 1994.