NCEWNational Conference of Editorial Writers
NCEWNational Confederation of Eritrean Workers (est. 1979; Eritrea)
NCEWNational Credit Education Week (Association of Credit and Collection Professionals)
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"It has been a tumultuous year for NCEW," Waseleski said in his president's report.
Among those in attendance that day was Eddie Roth, an editorial writer for the Dayton (Ohio) Daily News and a board member of the NCEW Foundation board of trustees.
Webmaster Dan Radmacher, board member Pete Wasson, and I met briefly during the 2008 convention in Little Rock to draw up a wish list of features we thought members would like and use but didn't have on the old NCEW Website.
6 e-mail message to members, NCEW officers Bob Kittle of The San Diego Union-Tribune and David Hage of the
Should NCEW look to hosting "virtual" conventions and, if we do, how do we make up the revenue stream that the annual convention has always provided?
The NCEW Foundation's mission is to help those involved in professional opinion to get the kind of intellectual support they need to get on with business.
The idea behind the informal hour was to give NCEW members a free-wheeling opportunity to vent, react, and question, uncoupled from Robert's Rules of Order and the formality of the annual business meeting, which came later in the day anyway.
No one has filled in the details, but we are on our way, as is NCEW. The board has worked in recent months to rethink the NCEW mission.
NCEW has two primary sources of revenue: membership and conventions.
The Pennsylvania Newspaper Association, which manages NCEW, has extensive background in running contests and is assisting in figuring out the least labor-intensive approach.
1 Should NCEW change its name as a way to broaden membership among other opinion journalists?