NCF1Neutrophil Cytosol Factor 1
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In order to determine whether there was an association between NCF1 gene GT deletion ([DELTA]GT) at the start of exon 2 with susceptibility to malaria, 88 malarial patients and 100 healthy individuals were genotyped for the GT deletion by restriction enzyme analysis.
The NCF1 gene was analyzed by the restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) method.
Genes for two autosomal recessive forms of chronic granulomatous disease assigned to 1q25 (NCF2) and 7q11.23 (NCF1).
Genomic structure of the human p47-phox (NCF1) gene.
CYBB, CYBA, NCF1, NCF2, and NCF4 gene mutations were analyzed using PCR amplification followed by direct sequencing.
39 mutations were found in 48 patients, including 36 mutations in CYBB gene, 1 mutation in CYBA gene, 1 mutation in NCF1 gene, and 1 mutation in NCF2 gene.
P41 was found to have a compound heterozygous mutation in NCF1 gene (c.
The liver content of CML (Figures 3(a) and 3(b)) and NCF1 (Figures 3(c) and 3(d)) was markedly increased in HFD-fed WT and, to a significantly lesser extent, Pr[2x.sub.7.sup.-/-] mice.
recently showed that, in Kupffer cells, PR[2X.sub.7] mediates NADPH oxidase activation by upregulating the expression of the p47 phox subunit and p47 phox binding to the membrane subunit, gp91 phox [37], consistent with our finding of a reduced liver expression of NCF1 (p47 phox) in Pr[2x.sub.7.sup.-/-] animals.
Immunohistochemistry for CML ((a); original magnification 100x) and NCF1 ((c); original magnification 100x) in liver sections from representative animals and quantification of liver CML (b) and NCF1 (d) protein content in HFD fed WT and P[2x.sub.7][r.sup.-/-] mice (mean [+ or -] SD; n = 4-6 per group).
Wing, "Ncf1 polymorphism reveals oxidative regulation of autoimmune chronic inflammation," Immunological Reviews, vol.
Kelley, "Ncf1 (p47phox) is essential for direct regulatory T cell mediated suppression of CD4+ effector T cells," PLoS ONE, vol.