NCFSNational Center for Forensic Science
NCFSNederlandse Cystic Fibrosis Stichting (Dutch: Dutch Cystic Fibrosis Foundation; est. 1969)
NCFSNineteenth-Century French Studies (various organizations)
NCFSNational Council on Fireworks Safety
NCFSNational Centre for Sustainability (Australia)
NCFSNational Campaign for Firework Safety (UK)
NCFSNewcastle Centre for Family Studies (University of Newcastle; England, UK)
NCFSNational Center for Food Safety and Technology (consortium)
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Science (NCFS) was created as an advisory body to the U.S.
The proteinaceous nature of the inhibitory compounds in NCFS was confirmed by testing their sensitivity to proteolytic enzymes.
'Food safety crises among them, milk found tainted with melamine in China, the use of maleic acid in producing bubble tea, baby formula manufactured in New Zealand contaminated with clostridium botulinum, have sparked global concern,' he said at a ceremony to hand over the letter of award for the NCFS project here today.
When Congress did not authorize the creation of the National Institute of Forensic Sciences, DOJ, to its credit, established the NCFS. Most importantly, independent scientists were appointed to the commission.
In this study, neighborhood component feature selection (NCFS) was applied for each group of the samples.
NCFs are commonly prepared using various raw sources of cellulose-containing materials, such as wood, wood pulp, flax, cotton, ramie, jute, and tunicate; sugarcane bagasse has also been widely studied (Cao et al.
Thermomechanically treated NiTi instruments had higher NCFs than that of the conventional group.
The farmers restrict travelling during winter season to avoid nutrient loss and preferred to keep animals on stall feeding with crop residues, NCFS and feed supplements.
Co-chaired by Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and NIST Director Willie May, the NCFS meets four times a year and involves energetic discussions on a variety of issues.
Abu Faour predicted that discussions would take some time, adding that even if the draft law was endorsed by Parliament, it required executive decrees to establish the NCFS' administrative cadre.