NCGRNational Council for Geocosmic Research
NCGRNational Center for Genome Resources
NCGRNational Clonal Germplasm Repository
NCGRNational Commission for Government Reforms (Pakistsan)
NCGRNorthern Colorado Garden Railroaders (Fort Collins, CO)
NCGRNational Clonal Germplasm Repositories (US)
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While the agenda for civil service reform is broad, the proposed thinking is underpinned by key elements of the NCGR report.
In 2007, NCGR recommended different policy changes as well as established certain clusters that reorganized training system of federal government of Pakistan.
The Langshan conservation group has been conserved in the National Chicken Genetic Resources (NCGR).
According to a statement issued by BBDF and NCGR, "The carrier-screening test is expected to become commercially available in the third quarter of 2011."
The latest NCGR report was also finalized at a time of political transition, and political ownership of the report's findings and recommendations following the election of a new government in 2008 remains uncertain.
To ensure the safety of the NCGR field collection, the scientists maintain about 250 accessions as potted plants grown in screenhouses and 57 accessions as virus-free in vitro cultures at their facilities.
The state of New Mexico has provided $600,000 in funding to establish the Center, which will be located at NCGR in Santa Fe.
The Legume Information a collaborative effort between the USDA-ARS and the National Center for Genome Resources (NCGR).
The report of the National Commission for Government Reforms (NCGR) set up about eight years ago 'found no traction' during the previous governments.
ISLAMABAD -- Under its austerity drive, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led government has decided to dissolve the National Commission on Government Reforms (NCGR) and constituted a taskforce to bring reforms in the civil service and the federal government structure.
Library preparation and Illumina genome sequencing for the pooled DNA samples were performed by the National Center for Genome Resources (NCGR; Santa Fe, NM, USA).
He made these observations during a meeting of 3rd Steering Committee of National Commission for Government Reforms (NCGR) held under his Chairmanship at the Prime Minister's House.