NCGRPNational Center for Genetic Resources Preservation (United States Department of Agriculture)
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Speaking in the soft, measured tone of the researcher he is, the NCGRP's Chris Richards lays out the historical problems of industrialized farming and the domestication bottleneck, and frames them against future challenges.
"The citrus collection at Riverside is our current source of material, and we have been strategically selecting high-priority materials for the California industry from that collection as some of the first to be cryopreserved here at NCGRP," says Volk.
More information will be provided by Judy Grotenhuis, NCGRP, soon.
Abbreviations: CA, cold acclimation or cold acclimated; ED, encapsulation and dehydration; KT, kinetin; LN, liquid nitrogen; MS, Murashige and Skoog; NCGR, National Clonal Germplasm Repository: NCGRP, National Center for Germplasm Resources Preservation.
This work also has benefits for conservators of genetic resources, like the NCGRP, that gather and store genetic materials.
USDA Office of Inspector General Review of NCGRP: Henry indicated that the USDA Office of Inspector General has expressed the need to have a signed form authorizing dispensing seed of transgenic cultivars and germplasm held by NCGRP.
"The National Plant Germplasm System is our stockroom for tools to deal with problems like a pathogen mutating or when a new pest makes it into the United States," says David Ellis, a curator and plant physiologist at NCGRP. "Then researchers from all over turn to our germplasm collections to find the building blocks--the genes they need to breed a solution to the new problem."
Like all genebanks, NCGRP stores genetic materials that researchers can use to study the nature, function, and evolution of genes.
But the plants don't always make seeds, so NCGRP plant physiologist Gayle Volk and ARS colleagues developed cryopreservation methods for shoot tips that will form new plants.
"NCGRP has a lot of data on maize storage, dating back to 1977, which makes it an ideal crop for a comparison study like this," Walters says.
It consists of the National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation (NCGRP), in Fort Collins, Colorado, two dozen ARS-operated repositories located across the country, and the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), the database system that collects and makes available information on genetic resources.
About an hour's drive north of Denver on the campus of Colorado State University is the National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation (NCGRP), formerly known as the National Seed Storage Laboratory--the central bank of the system.