NCGTNational Capital Golf Tour
NCGTNorth Coast Gas Transmission (Columbus, OH)
NCGTNon-Cooperative Game Theory
NCGTNorth Coast Group Training (Australia)
NCGTNational Council of Geography Teachers (est. 1915; now National Council for Geographic Education)
NCGTNegatively Charged Glutaraldehyde Tanned
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However, the NCGT seeks to break these social paradigms.
Likewise, therapy seeks to generate effects through interaction and language, in response to particular social and political context that has generated violence, displacement, and unem ployment in Buenaventura and Quibdo, so the NCGT becomes a construction element from a given context.
As for the emotional identification and therapist-user relationship, empathy was the feature most represented in the stories obtained; due to LPCW having been survivors of violence, this fact favored their emotional identification with users of the NCGT.
Through the NCGT, users had the opportunity to find different solutions to the same life problem, as well as practical and functional life issues, in addition to identifying the purpose and value of adversity.
Thus, NCGT therapy appears as an alternative that may contribute to improving the coverage of mental health services, but according to this study, there are different factors that affect, positively or negatively, the NCGT therapy implementation.
Another significant issue in the solution of NCGT (or NE) is the investigation of two important properties: (i) Existence of an NE: The existence of an NE can be obtained using specific mathematical properties related to certain utility functions (e.g., supermodularity and supermodular games) [31].
Theorem 2: An NE in NCGT is unique if a game [G.sub.ame] = (K, A,{[[pi].sub.i]} modeled using the
If a utility function in NCGT is carefully selected and the above mentioned theorems are fulfilled, then the NE is guaranteed to exist.
In contrast to NCGT, players in cooperative game theory (abbreviated as CGT) are collaborating with each other wisely to maximize the total utility of their network, and, thus, the performance of the network can be improved accordingly.
Similar to NCGT, there is a common solution used for CGT, which is the topic of the following subsection.
However, in case of non-cooperative game, it is advisable to not directly model the problem as a NCGT. Instead, the players willingly collaborate with each other by exchanging security information.
Summary of main branches of game theory Type Description Example Common Solution Point NCCT In NCGT, players are Potential Nash equilibrium NCGT selfish and aim to Game (NE) is a maximise their own significant objective functions.