NCHERMNational Center for Higher Education Risk management
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Brett Sokolow of NCHERM said in an interview that the alcohol-related campus workshops he conducts grew out of sexual assault presentations he has done.
The paper (available on the NCHERM website) provides painstaking guidelines for college administrators to follow in conducting disciplinary hearings to determine if the victim of an alleged assault was truly "incapacitated" or just plain "drunk," "under the influence," "intoxicated," or "inebriated." Parsing such terms is a job skill for today's college administrator, since only "incapacitation" renders a victim unable to give consent to a sexual encounter.
NCHERM offers a seminar on how administrators can thwart the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and the American Civil Liberties Union.
Scott Lewis, partner in The NCHERM Group and The National Center for Risk Management, sees campus culture issues heating up for higher ed leaders in 2015.
Protecting students begins with the proper training of administrators, says Saundra Schuster, a partner at higher ed risk management firm NCHERM Group and a member of the Association of Tide IX Administrators (ATIXA).
"Community colleges are leading the charge in creating behavioral intervention teams," says Brett Suklow, president of the National Center for Higher Education Risk Management (NCHERM).