NCHFPNational Center for Home Food Preservation (University of Georgia)
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The National Center for Home Food Preservation includes a page on pressure canning at uga/using_press_canners.html
Acquire recipes from university extension programs or from the NCHFP (
Other great sources on canning can be found at the public library, the county extension office, or on the website for the National Center for Home Food Preservation,, which is based at the University of Georgia in Athens.
There are reliable sources that utilize proven home canning recipes, the NCHFP website ( is one of my favorites.
Additional information is available at the website of the National Center for Home Food Preservation (at NCHFP., including the USDA publication The Complete Guide to Home Canning, which is available free to download.
The book So Easy to Preserve (also available online at NCHFP. has information on freezing and drying in addition to canning.
So, I investigated the National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP) website ( to see what I might learn about safe canning in the modern world.
Upon its inception in 2000, the NCHFP immediately conducted a national survey and concluded that "a high percentage of home food processors are using practices that put them at high risk for foodborne illness and economic losses due to food spoilage," and set about the task of developing scientifically approved and tested recipes and canning protocols that would ensure the safety of home-canned foods.