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Gor and head of Bunge La Wenye Nchi Walter Opiyo on Monday took their complaints to Shambi.
Bunge La Wenye Nchi leaders Walter Opiyo, Okano Nyasanga and Zachary Ooro raised concerns that many civil servants have been shortlisted for the jobs and likely to be recruited.Mr Opiyo said the ongoing interviews for content supervisors involved mainly civil servants, including teachers and medical practitioners.
(28) "The Kenyan Invasion before and after 'Linda Nchi,'" Al-Kataib Media Foundation, July 23, 2017.
Mwanzo twapenda tufahamishane yafuatayo:--Ikiwa kweli, kwa dhati ya nyoyo zenu, mwaionea uchungu na kuipenda nchi ya Kenya (ikiwa mtu yuwaamini kuwa hapa ndipo kwao na hana pengine pa kwenda), na ikiwa mwapenda usawa na ubinaaadamu ufanyike Kenya na dhulma ziondoke (kama tuaminivyo kuwa hakuna akubaliye kuonewa wala kudhulumiwa), basi yasikizeni sana haya tuwaambiayo na muyatie akilini mwenu.
This is especially true of Somalia and even more so in the aftermath of Operation Linda Nchi. The al-Shabaab terrorist group in Somalia sends adherents back and forth across the border.
Prior to Kenya's incursion into Somalia in 2011 through Operation Linda Nchi, research demonstrates that what existed in Kenya were sleeper cells and increased local radicalisation rather than an overt Al Shabaab presence.
Some countries have reported small but significant increases in invasive ncHi disease after routine Hib vaccination (7-10); others have not (11,12).
The current study focused on LIMB by investigating how three types of users--LIM, direct user, and service provider--sought CHI online and interacted with the consumer health website NC Health Info (NCHI) [63].
The study was produced by seven experts and the campaign group, National Concern for Healthcare Infections (NCHI).
The mission of NCHI is to be a resource for the building industry and to support the business interests of its members.