NCHIPNational Criminal History Improvement Program
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103-159 (the Brady Act) to authorize appropriations for NCHIP at $100
(NCHIP), the initial goal of which was to improve electronic access to
BJS awarded states $241 million in NCHIP grant funding from fiscal years 2000 through 2007 under the NCHIP program, monitored the states' use of these funds through site visits, and have identified case disposition reporting by the courts and updating older technology data systems as continuing priorities.
According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, of almost 41 million records that are automated and accessible under the FBI's Interstate Identification Index, "perhaps percent may not be fully useful for an instant check due to missing data on arrest dispositions." SM Online contains the full assessment of NCHIP.
Department of Justice's National Criminal History Improvement Program (NCHIP), is administered by the Office of Justice Programs' (OJP) Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS).
A list of projects undertaken by states with previous NCHIP awards is contained on the OJP Web site at
The funding is provided by DOJ's National Criminal History Improvement Program (NCHIP), which is administered by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
Under the Brady Act, Congress authorized a grant program known as the National Criminal History Improvement Program (NCHIP), the initial goal of which was to improve electronic access to firearms-related disqualifying records, particularly felony conviction records.
(117) For further information, see Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Criminal History Program (NCHIP): Improving Criminal History Records for Background Checks, 2005, July 2006.
NCHIP Appropriations, FY 1995 though FY2012 (dollars in millions) Fiscal Year Appropriation FYl995 l00.000 FYl996 26.500 FYl997 5l.750 FYl998 47.750 FYl999 45.000 FY2000 35.000 FY200l 35.000 FY2002 38.000 FY2003 42.72l FY2004 32.634 FY2005 27.577 FY2006 l2.796 FY2007 l2.805 FY2008 l2.220 FY2009 l3.000 FY20l0 l4.500 FY20ll 9.500 FY20l2 6.000 Total 562.753 Source: U.S.