NCHNNational Cooperative of Health Network (Hardinsburg, KY)
NCHNNorthern Child Health Network (Australia)
NCHNNapa County Hispanic Network (est. 1983; Napa, CA)
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The imidazole proton (NCHN, [H.sub.1]) shifts of [L.sub.A], [L.sub.C], and [L.sub.D] with 9.06 ppm, 8.84 ppm, and 9.11 ppm, respectively, are noticeably bigger than that of [L.sub.B] with 7.79 ppm.
Proton chemical shift Assignment (ppm) Experimental Theory 1,3-Bis(2-hydroxyethyl) imidazolidinium bromide ([L.sub.A]) s, 1H, NCHN 9.06 9.06 d, 2H, HC=CH 7.70 7.32 t, 4H, N-C[H.sub.2] 3.93 4.01 t, 4H, O-C[H.sub.2] 3.82 3.87 s.