NCIIANational Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance
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Two of her CREATE-IGERT trainees were recipients of recent National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance (NCIIA) Advanced E-Team awards and she and her graduate student, Lucas Arzola, participated in an NCIIA Sustainable Vision Venture Lab ( to further develop their business model.
[10.] Mehta K, Semali L, Fleishman A and A Maretzki "Leveraging Indigenous Knowledge to foster Developmental Entrepreneurship", NCIIA Annual Conference, Alexandria, March 2011
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"The NCIIA grant allowed us to add entrepreneurial program elements to help students better identify and understand industry opportunities and the innovation process with a focus on lighting products and services that benefit society and the environment.
Grant/funding Support: The authors wish to acknowledge their own research funding support from the NASA GSRP Fellowship (NNG05GL57H), NCIIA Advanced E-Team Program, and the Goldman Philanthropic Charles E.
There is already a network of 200 universities, called NCIIA (which stands for National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance), that is taking a leadership role in making this happen.
In March of 2008, the Alternatives in Science Club at the University of Colorado held a successful conference in collaboration with the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA).