NCIRCNational Criminal Intelligence Resource Center (US DOJ; Tallahassee, FL)
NCIRCNATO Computer Incident Response Capability
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NCIRC is the body responsible for the execution of these requests, he added.
For his part, NCIRC Staff Officer Alan Sewell said that the 200-employee-strong department inspects 75 NATO websites on a daily basis, along with the sent and received e-mails of all of NATO's employees.
Nato launched the NCIRC initiative in 2003 and the system was activated in 2005.
Such threats are prompting the efforts of organisations like Nato, which has moved forward with its NCIRC initiative and the 2010 establishment of the US Department of Defense's US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM).
To advance members' cyber defense capabilities, in May 2010, the CCDCOE, together with the NCIRC, organized the 13th NATO Cyber Defence Workshop and in October 2010, it co-hosted with Allied Command Transformation a workshop called NATO in the Cyber Commons, which was strictly aimed at identifying the Alliance's vulnerabilities and developing relevant capabilities.
That is why centralisation of experts and expertise is seen as the first step in evolving a credible solution, and why Nato sees the NCIRC as a central clearing house for information exchange and discussion.