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NCISNaval Criminal Investigative Service
NCISNothing's Carved in Stone (band)
NCISNational Coroners Information System (Australia)
NCISNational Crime Intelligence Service
NCISNebraska Career Information System
NCISNational Coalition of Independent Scholars
NCISNetwork Communications and Information Systems (various organizations)
NCISNo Criminal Is Safe (clothing line)
NCISNew Century Infusion Solutions (Brea, CA)
NCISNational Centre for Indigenous Studies (Australian National University; Australia)
NCISNational Crime Investigation Squad
NCISNational Crop Insurance Service (gathers crop-hail statistics)
NCISNuclear Criticality Information System
NCISNATO Common Interoperability Standards
NCISNavy Cost Information System
NCISNaval Criminal Intelligence Command
NCISNATO Common Interface Standard
NCISNo Change in Status
NCISNational Coordinated Industry Survey (Australia)
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Fans are speculating that Duane could be a replacement for Michael Weatherly, who will leave NCIS as Special Agent Tony DiNozzo at the end of series 13.
On Monday, the prosecution presented Platt, the NCIS agent responsible for the photographic documentation of Laude's
But until he donned his trademark bow tie in NCIS 10 years ago, McCallum was always associated with the swinging Sixties spy sensation.
As with any good law enforcement procedural, NCIS plots have a comforting predictability to them.
The NCIS Unit would like to acknowledge the efforts of Lyndal Bugeja regarding her liaison with our Unit throughout the development of the article.
The average NCIS agent is not your archetypal Eliot Ness-type gangbuster, but more of a walking library of knowledge with a sidearm and a badge.
It is an indication of how important this part of the world has become that just a few years ago there was only one NCIS agent based here and now there are 40 to 50.
However, NCIS assistant special agent-in-charge Glenn Roessler revealed there was a close relationship with Bahrain's Interior Ministry - particularly when it came to tackling drugs.
N2N implements a process that facilitates the transmittal of public safety information via the Internet from nearly all 54 local Japanese police departments to NCIS FE.
In 2000, for example, the NCIS probed al-Qaeda's bombing of the destroyer USS Cole in Yemen.
An NCIS spokesman said that although Cooper had no banning order against him, he was sentenced to four months' jail in 1999 for possessing CS gas.
He was initially told there was no film but tracked it down to NCIS after seeing clips on the programme.