NCJFCJNational Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
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The NCJFCJ also offers general guidelines for dealing with allegations of alienation.
Bringing in a neutral party helps redefine the terms of the dispute to achieve the "careful fact-based inquiry" advocated by the NCJFCJ. (124) Finally, appointing a GAL gives the child a voice.
The Greenbook authors noted that "cross-communication and training are the foundations on which successful collaborations can be built" (NCJFCJ, 1999, p.39).
Last May, NCJFCJ convened a national meeting to develop a strategy for this joint initiative.
Some of Alaska's approaches are also evident in the best practices guidelines incorporated into the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges' "Greenbook," which calls for multilevel change and response to exposed children and is being tested in numerous demonstration projects (NCJFCJ, 1999; see also http://www.thegreenbook.
Perhaps a more careful, fully developed alternative such as those in Alaska and Olmsted County, Minnesota, and proposed as national best practices by NCJFCJ should be the final chapter to this story.
NCJFCJ (2002) reported that workers often do not refer cases to FGC, believing that families in the child welfare system do not have the capacity to be decision-making partners.
(In discussing this experience, we draw on the first-hand knowledge of one of the authors, Susan Chandler, who was the state director of human services from 1995 to 2002.) Hawaii's conferencing program was originally one of four demonstration court diversion programs funded by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ, 2003) to facilitate systems change in the processing of child abuse and neglect cases (NCJFCJ, 2000).
Statutes in both Oregon and New Mexico allow the adoption of a freed child without the filing of a separate adoption petition, with New Mexico going further to put the adoption decree into effect 60 days after the TPR under certain circumstances (NCJFCJ, 2000b; N.M.
"Because of the tragic incidents of violence in our schools, America may be more focused on violence prevention now than ever before," said Meredith Hofford, director of the family violence department of the NCJFCJ, based in Reno, Nevada.
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