NCLEXNational Council Licensure Examination
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The Next Generation NCLEX[R] News is a quarterly publication that provides the latest information about the research being done to assess potential changes to the NCLEX examinations.
National Council of State Boards of Nursing Inc., said that aside from the 2,890 Filipinos, 361 Indians, 310 Puerto Ricans, 228 South Koreans, and 181 Nigerians also took the NCLEX for the first time from January to March.
Director of Nursing Marilyn Falaster was not surprised by the students' success on the NCLEX exam, a test that is given to nurses nationwide.
administers the NCLEX to license registered nurses and practical nurses.
Building on the evidence: Interventions promoting NCLEX success.
If we inadequately prepare students to "take the test" they will not have the skill set necessary to be successful on the NCLEX.
* currently available financial assistance, such as NBNU's financial support for graduates who need to rewrite the NCLEX;
That year more than 155,000 graduates took the NCLEX via CAT.
This version included 10 weeks of general nursing content review, 4 weeks of NCLEX review, and 6 weeks of clinical practicum.
They want NNA to provide discounts on review courses for NCLEX, educational opportunities with assistance to "keep track of and find CEUs," emotional support, help with advancing their career, networking opportunities & conferences, finding jobs outside the hospital, and a newsletter with evidence-based practice.
Lippincott CoursePoint+ is part of the Lippincott digital suite of nursing education solutions, which includes the educational electronic health record, Lippincott DocuCare, and the adaptive NCLEX preparation solution, Lippincott PassPoint.
Research addressing the predictability of NCLEX pass rates based on the HESI at varying scores as well as the predictability with repeat HESI testing must be performed.