NCLVNon-Compaction Left Ventricle (cardiology)
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(4) The accuracy of C&M-CVPM depends on the NCLV deviation rate of the predictive result for new product test case.
(5) The criteria based on experience to judge the consistency of similarity matched results are that the NCLV deviation rate is 3% at most.
(5) After inputting 10 test cases, the following data must be recorded for each case: (a) the highest similarity after each test case matching all the cases, (b) the predictive NCLV deviation rate for each case, (c) the number of new produce development by C&M-CVPM's prediction with the deviation rate limited to 5% most, and (d) the experts' workload units in C&M-CVPM when the cases in case-base are not sufficient.
(6) The average for NCLV deviation rate refers to the reduced percentage for the experts' workload.
The cases are increasing along with more and more experiments, but the NCLV deviation rate remains declining obviously, as well as the average of overall NCLV deviation rates which are slowly falling and going to 0 at last.
To further clarify the accuracy that C&M-CVPM can predict the new product customer value, from all six experiments, this study chooses the 4th test case with the maximum similarity and the 10th test case with the minimum similarity and then compares their NCLV's predictive and actual values (see Figures 11 and 12).