NCMHCENational Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination
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(National Board for Certified Counselors [NBCC], 2011, NCMHCE, para.
As licensing boards adopt a mental health specialty examination, such as the NCMHCE, it emphasizes that knowledge of clinical practice is essential to qualify for licensure.
Both the NCE and NCMHCE are managed by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) < NCMHCE>.
Required CACREP accreditation and NCMHCE passage after Dec.
Pass the NCMHCE or its successor as determined by TRICARE; and
Over the years, PTI (the Psychotherapists Training Institute) has trained hundreds of potential licensees to pass the NCMHCE. What we've discovered and learned from our students is that those who pass the test are generally those who are successful at integrating their education, experience, and knowledge with an understanding of and comfort with the structure of the exam.
One of the biggest obstacles is that the NCMHCE exam design is unfamiliar to most of us.
To be eligible to be hired, clinical mental health counselors must be licensed, must have passed NBCC's National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Examination (NCMHCE), and must have graduated from a CACREP-accredited program.
The criteria require that candidates complete a master's degree from a counseling program accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs (CACREP) and pass the National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Examination (NCMHCE).