NCNCNational Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons
NCNCNational Council of Nigerian Citizens
NCNCNorthern California Nevada Conference
NCNCNewfoundland Club of Northern California
NCNCNorth Central Newfoundland Club
NCNCNew Canaan Nature Center (Connecticut)
NCNCNepal Center of North Carolina
NCNCNepalese Community Network of Canada
NCNCNational Curriculum Network Conference
NCNCNational Captive Nations Committee
NCNCNational Cultural Network of the Cities (Greece)
NCNCNo Contribution No Chop (album by Senior Eddie Donkor)
NCNCNo Contact, No Complaint (law enforcement)
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The NCNC was no doubt the leading political party in each of the urban cities, provincial and district headquarters in Western Nigeria before 1951.
In Renascent Africa (1968), a book-length work devoted to outlining the philosophical possibilities and requirements of a postcolonial Pan-African movement, Nnamdi Azikiwe, cofounder of the NCNC, claims that, "National Risorgimento is inevitable.
But being ignored by denominational leaders did not stop the NCNC from institutionalizing itself through the development of a headquarters in Harlem as well as a national center in Dallas.
For example, one NCNC scenario involves a subject who hijacked a school bus and is threatening to blow it up and kill everyone inside if the subject's demands are not met.
The old pattern of identification of the East with an "Eastern" party like the NCNC and NPP of the First and Second Republics had completely disappeared
In the presence of the Second Deputy Premier, several memoranda of understanding between NCNC and each of SABIC, Bin Laden Group, National Commercial Bank, Abdul Latif Jameel Group and STC were signed.
Prince Naif also chaired the NCNC's third session, which discussed the programs of national institutions that support the NCNC.
In a press statement following a NCNC meeting on Saturday, Prince Naif said Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah has always stressed the need to protect society from drugs.
Hines Bending has more than 15 models of bending machines, including NCNC bending machines and CNC bending.
LOS ANGELES -- New Century Companies, Inc (the"Company") (OTC Bulletin Board: NCNC - News) - New Century announced today that it has received a purchase order from Nazareth Machine Works located in Pennsylvania.
It is entitled "National and Global Strategies to Fight Drugs and Mental Stimulants," and will be run by the NCNC secretariat in cooperation with Prince Naif University for Security Sciences, on Feb.