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NCNCNational Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons
NCNCNo-Cost, No-Commitment (India)
NCNCNational Committee of Negro Churchmen (est. 1967; Dallas, TX)
NCNCNational Council of Nigerian Citizens
NCNCNew Churches for New Communities (Anglican Diocese of Sydney; Sydney, Australia)
NCNCNorthern California Nevada Conference
NCNCNewfoundland Club of Northern California
NCNCNorthern California Nanotechnology Center (University of California, Davis)
NCNCNew Canaan Nature Center (Connecticut)
NCNCNorth Central Newfoundland Club
NCNCNepal Center of North Carolina
NCNCNepalese Community Network of Canada
NCNCNational Curriculum Network Conference
NCNCNational Captive Nations Committee
NCNCNo Contribution No Chop (album by Senior Eddie Donkor)
NCNCNational Cultural Network of the Cities (Greece)
NCNCNo Contact, No Complaint (law enforcement)
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(32) Even though the NCNC did not start as an ethnic patty, at a point in its existence, the Igbo of Eastern Nigeria became its chief supporters; the Hausa -Fulani of Northern Nigeria supported the NPC while the Yoruba of Western Nigeria rallied round the AG although the Yoruba were split upon the schism which occurred in the AG in 1962.
Morphologically, 58 (38.7%), 38 (25.3%) and 4 (2.7%) were MCHC, NCNC and macrocytic, respectively.
The NCNC was no doubt the leading political party in each of the urban cities, provincial and district headquarters in Western Nigeria before 1951.
The women's adult education (NCNC, 1991) was popularized with the action plan document targeting a ten to twenty year period of active literacy programs.
The National Curriculum Network Conference (NCNC) at The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA.
The new elections, held just before the official day of independence in 1960, asked the nation to select between three major parties divided roughly by region: the Action Group (AG) in the West, the Northern (National) People's Congress (NPC) in the North, and the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons (NCNC) in the East.
It was fear of Ibo domination, via the National Convention of Nigeria and the Cameroon (NCNC), the political party of Azikiwe, that pushed Yoruba ethnic associations to put away their differences and form the AG.
This group, called the National Committee of Negro Churchmen (NCNC), attempted to interpret Black Power in light of the Christian gospel.
Contrary to Fafowora's claim that there was an "absence of a national consensus on foreign policy," (20) the three regional parties (Northern People's Congress (NPC), Action Group (AG), and the National Council of Nigerian Citizens (NCNC) in the north, west, and east, respectively) hardly disagreed on political unification.
The Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU) of the FBI's Critical Incident Response Group uses a combination of role-play scenarios in its National Crisis Negotiation Course (NCNC) taught at the FBI Academy to agents, as well as to law enforcement officers from all over the world.