NCNENational Center for Neighborhood Enterprise
NCNENational Center on Nonprofit Enterprise (Arlington, VA)
NCNENational Certification of Network Engineer (China)
NCNENational Center for Network Engineering (Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA)
NCNENewfoundland Club of New England (est. 1969)
NCNENational Commission for Nomadic Education
NCNENo Certification No Education
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NCNE's Executive Secretary, Prof Bashir Usman-Haruna, made the promise in Kano on Wednesday, during the opening of a three-day workshop on advocacy, mobilisation and sensitisation for re-modelling of grazing reserves into ranches.
Woodson's NCNE, of which he is president, is a Washington, D.C.--based nonprofit group that supports neighborhood-based initiatives to reduce crime, restore families, create economic enterprise and employment, and revitalize low-income communities.
The NCNE president remembers that his father used to take the children to his workplace early in the morning, walk in with a tray of fresh cinnamon rolls, and chat with them.
But Woodson became disenchanted with poverty programs that treated poor people with contempt while benefiting the "Poverty Pentagon"-social workers, politicians, contractors, unions, and real estate developers "who know how to make a buck off government money." So he started NCNE in 1981 to assist self-help groups in low-income neighborhoods: Reformed alcoholics, like Bob Cote, who help drug abusers and alcoholics turn their lives around, and public housing tenants, like Kimi Gray, who manage housing projects better than government bureaucrats.
Steuerle presented the expenditures part of the report at the NCNE conference.
* The National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise (NCNE) helps managers and leaders of nonprofit organizations make wise economic decisions to improve their organizations' sustainability.
For instance, the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) was established to take care of basic education development in the country; the National Mass Education Commission (NMEC) was saddled with the responsibility to ensure the development of literacy education in the country, while the National Commission for Nomadic Education (NCNE) came on board to provide functional literacy education for nomads in the country.
Fuerst Adams was one of several experts who contributed to a report about spending on fundraising, presented at the National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise's (NCNE) inaugural conference during January in Washington D.C.
Preston presented part of a report on compensation in nonprofit organizations during the National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise's (NCNE) inaugural conference during January in Washington, D.C.
Cargo is acting chair of political science and public administration and director of nonprofit studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, and one of the founders of the National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise (NCNE).