NCNSNative Council of Nova Scotia (est. 1974; Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada)
NCNSNo Call/No Show
NCNSNorwood Cooperative Nursery School (Norwood, MA)
NCNSNo Complications, No Sequelae (used to show no current effects of a previous condition)
NCNSNuestra Comunidad, Nuestra Salud (Spanish: Our Community, Our Health; Arizona)
NCNSNeuroscience Clinical Nurse Specialist
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Limitations and Risks to Low-Dose Computed Tomography Screening * Detection of many NCN that require follow-up * Potential psychologic effect of discovering a NCN * Surgery for benign disease * Interval cancers (screening failure) * Lung cancer deaths in screened participants * Potential overdiagnosis of cases * Risk of radiation-induced cancers Abbreviation: NCN, noncalcified nodules.
The WWCG first began the summer of 2001 in the University of Wyoming Nightingale Center for Nursing Scholarship (NCNS) as a local innovation.
Meetings (weekly during the summer and bi-weekly during the academic year) were conducted from Wyoming's NCNS with support from Montana's CRCHC for the teleconference connection and website.
Within the PCNs reported in the literature, the most dramatic improvement in HDT has been found in NCNs. The HDT of NCNs can be improved from 65[degrees]C of the matrix to 164[degrees]C under an applied stress of 1.82 MPa at 5.3 wt% clay loading [6].
Although extensive research has been involved in HDT of NCNs as mentioned above, no work in the literature has concerned the influence of annealing treatment on HDT.
The preparation procedures of the OMMT and NCNs have been reported in a previous paper [28].
The extruded N6 and NCNs pellets were injection-molded into specimens for HDT testing (120 X 15 X 10 [mm.sup.3]) using an injection-molding machine (SZ-68/400, Chende Plastic Machinery, China) at a barrel temperature of 250[degrees]C, an injection pressure of 100 MPa, a holding pressure of 50 MPa, and a mold temperature of 60[degrees]C.
In the previous work on the polymorphic structure of NCNs [28], it has been found that, for the non-annealed injection-molded bars, 1) the [gamma]-form crystal is the predominant crystalline form of N6 in the skin regions while the [alpha]-form is the major form in the core region; 2) the melt temperature ([T.sub.m]) of the N6 matrix reveals no significant difference in the presence of MMT regardless of the dispersion state of clay; and 3) the total crystallinity values ([alpha] + [gamma] form) of PA2 and PA3 in both skin and core regions are similar: PA3 (skin 37.9%, core 40.8%) ~PA2 (skin 37.2%, core 41.7%) vs.
The HDT values of N6 and NCNs increase after the annealing treatment at 80[degrees]C for 6 hr (Table 1).
After the annealing treatment, the [T.sub.g] showed different shifts within several degrees for NCNs: the [T.sub.g] of PA2 increased, while the [T.sub.g] of PA3 decreased.