NCOENational Commission on Entrepreneurship
NCOENational Center of Excellence (various locations)
NCOENet-Centric Operations Environment
NCOENATO Common Operating Environment
NCOENetwork Channel Office Equipment
NCOENorris City-Omaha-Enfield High School (Norris City, IL)
NCOENavy Center of Excellence
NCOENAVWAR Common Operating Environment
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As derived from the NCOE JIC, knowledge management is the ability to systematically discover, select, organize, distill, share, develop and use information in a social domain context to improve warfighter effectiveness.
In the words of the NCOE study, current entrepreneurial indicators are "dated, incomplete, and off-target." Their report urges the federal government to invest in a system to collect and disseminate data that will "describe the entrepreneurial economy in real time."
Smaller, more remote areas have fewer high-growth firms than large metro areas (NCOE 2001b; Acs).
The secret to developing an entrepreneurial community often lies in the effectiveness of support networks (Dabson; Malecki 1994; NCOE 2001a).
Eldorado snapped a six-game losing streak and beat NCOE 10-3 Monday afternoon.
Braxton Lane was 2-for-3 with a home run as Galatia lost to NCOE 13-7 Wednesday in GEC action.
Those schools competing this year included Carmi-White County, Eldorado, Galatia, Gallatin County, Hardin County, Harrisburg, NCOE and Pope County.
Zeke Schutz of NCOE took second place while Logan Spruell of Carmi-White County won first place.
Those schools competing this year included Eldorado, Galatia, Gallatin County, Harrisburg, NCOE, Hardin County, Pope County and Carmi-White County.
The Hawks softball team is slated to hot NCOE Tuesday, followed by a road game at Galatia on Thursday.
Gallatin was scheduled to play NCOE Tuesday and will be at Galatia Thursday.
4:30 PM 4-11 at Elverado 4:30 PM 4-12 at Eldorado 4:30 PM 4-13 at CZR Tournament TBA 4-16 at NCOE 4:30 PM 4-18 GALATIA 4:30 PM 4-19 at Carrier Mills 4:30 PM 4-20 at Goreville 4:30 PM 4-22 at Johnston City 4:30 PM 4-23 POPE COUNTY 4:30 PM 4-25 at Gallatin County 4:30 PM 4-26 HARDIN COUNTY 4:30 PM 4-29 COBDEN 4:30 PM 4-30 at Egyptian Tourn./SIU TBA 5-01 SHAWNEE (Wolf Lk) 4:30 PM 5-06 CENTURY 4:30 PM 5-07 at Steeleville 4:30 PM 5-10 CARMI-WHITE CO.