NCOERNon-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report
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The new NCOER took effect on 1 January 2016 as NCO evaluation entered a new era.
Judge advocates should use Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOERs), Support Forms, and periodic counseling to establish the NCO's duties within the supervisory system.
Additionally, by incorporating ethics oversight and supervisory systems into noncommissioned officers' duty descriptions, NCOERs, and Support Forms, JAs can effectively reinforce the importance of NCO ethics compliance and take advantage of the NCO's inherent leadership role to aid in monitoring duty performance.
Soldiers understand how the Army's evaluation system is supposed to work with Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOERs) and Officer Evaluation Reports (OERs).
There are obligatory counseling sessions, such as for the OER and NCOER, but powerful and routine non-standard counseling can support a junior Soldier's development and career progression.
Third, as part of its NCOER and OEF process, it would behoove the Army to include a clear way of indicating that a Soldier received proper counseling (not just what is mandated) throughout the year.
The personnel actions section also handles all inquiries regarding the World Wide Locater and the Qualitative Management Program, and processes NCOER appeals.
Verification and review of documents is important to every division within EREC, but for the NCOER section that review is vital to maintaining on-time and accurate reports, said MSG Gary Adams of the NCOER section.
A very good source for NCOER information (both the administrative process and content) is PERSCOM Online at The Adjutant General Directorate Web site for NCOER Newsletters.
* One to two percent of the NCOERs I have reviewed DID NOT have a comment on promotion potential.
A minimum of 36 months of rated time documented in NCOERs (May be waived for USAR or ARNG Soldiers when Soldier's civilian employment includes verifiable leadership/managerial responsibilities)
* Provide his or her official military personnel file (OMPF) that contains hard copies of all noncommissioned officer evaluation reports (NCOERs) and academic evaluation reports (AERs) for the past 10 years.