NCOESNon-Commissioned Officer Education System
NCOESNon-Commissioned Officer Enhancement Seminar
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NCOES featured four vertically integrated levels of training: primary, basic, advanced, and senior.
The NCOES is a must for the positions that we hold, and it renews professionalism in our military occupational specialties.
The issue before TRADOC is instituting a methodology that moves beyond the vision outlined by FM 7-0 and General Dempsey to a tangible method to instruct our leaders in "how to think" versus "what to think." James continues, "Creating adaptability in our leaders attending NCOA is a huge challenge for the current methods available of training by the standard training support packets provided for NCOES classroom instructions by the Institutional Army." (18)
As I write this, the Army has a high NCOES backlog due to NCO availability issues caused by deployments and other mission-essential requirements.
This website will prepare Leaders and NCOs on NCOES expectations.
Additionally, NCOES courses utilize facilities on Fort Gordon when vacant or on off-hours to further improve asset utilization and reduce costs.
Leader Selection and Developmental Changes for the Team Leader and Squad Leader--NCO Education System (NCOES) Revision
While there was no single cause for this lack of NCO capabilities in the brigade, the command team believed it had developed over time for a variety of reasons--high individual operational tempo (OPTEMPO), in-theater promotion policies, delayed Noncommissioned Officer Educational System (NCOES) attendance, and the necessary focus on warfighting skills at the expense of a more balanced education--that were all part of the requirement to become an operational rather than strategic Army Reserve.
As I speak to our NCOES classes, to include the sergeants-major course, our future is in great hands.
Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) OPORD 12-001, One Army School System Implementation Plan, directed that all NCOES and MOS-T (reclassification) courses be made OASS compliant where practical so that AA reclassification mission Soldiers could attend Reserve Component (RC) MOS-T wherever a course exists.
The challenge was to completely rebuild the courses using the latest principles, techniques, and procedures to ensure that NCO education system (NCOES) training at the SSI NCOA was keeping it "REAL" (relevant, engaging, adaptive, and learner-centric).
Over the past several years we have adjusted, and usually reduced the amount of time NCOs spend in NCOES courses.