NCORENational Center for Coral Reef Research (Miami, Florida)
NCORENational Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education
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Moreover MeV N also binds to FcRIIB via NCORE. T cell proliferation is inhibited and/or modulated by MeV N in two ways.
nCore HPC and Prodrive selected IDT's RapidIO switches for key benefits in throughput, latency, reliability and overall system power utilization that could not be achieved with Infiniband- or Ethernet-based approaches.
The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) launched its new project, Nile Cooperation for Results (NCORE), in order to facilitate cooperative water resource management and development in the Nile basin countries, according to a press release.
(5) NCore ranks 40th in the same list by Sharky (2008) and is an ad-based service.
Paper presented at the National conference on race and ethnicity in higher education (NCORE), Chicago, IL.
Now the EPA proposes to expand its network with new monitors placed near point sources to assess NAAQS compliance, and also at the agency's 80 NCore stations, which monitor multiple airborne pollutant levels for research rather than regulatory purposes.
Together with the start of yet another large clinical study with Pegasys, NCORE, these initiatives underscore Roche's commitment to advancing the treatment of hepatitis and making personalised medicine a reality."
The book focuses on the main structural information available on the nucleoprotein, showing that it consists of a structured core (NCORE) and an intrinsically disordered C-terminal domain (NTAIL).
E ncore une nouvelle prise de participation pour la CDG.