NCPPPNational Council for Public Private Partnerships
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"Interest in building schools with P3s is absolutely growing," says Richard Norment, NCPPP's executive director.
Projects that generate a long-term revenue stream while constructing needed school facilities achieve the most success for all parties, says NCPPP's Norment.
(183) Types of Public-Private Partnerships, NCPPP.ORG,- (last visited Mar.
While public-private partnerships can yield cost-effective benefits for both partners, the NCPPP warns that all aspects of the partnership must be thoroughly vetted and managed.
Details: In March, the NCPPP presented at NLC's Congressional City Conference on privatization efforts in the areas of real estate, energy and transportation.
One comment about the NCPPP's outlook on partnership is especially helpful in prefacing the specific issues discussed in this section.
These responses are supported by NCPPP annual conference documents (papers and presentations, which are cited in the endnotes but excluded from the reference list).
On the other hand, contrary to NCPPP recommendations, partnerships may assume a more conventional, contractual form, wherein government retains ownership of facilities, property, and other assets.
Using similar formats, some NCPPP conference documents on contract negotiation include checklists of rights and responsibilities to encourage public officials to negotiate the nuances of partnership (rather than automatically insisting vendors take on total responsibility and risk).(8)
Wastewater and water utility American Water (NYSE:AWK) declared on Wednesday the receipt of the 2010 Public-Private Partnership Award from the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP).
The NCPPP report examines the impact of a wide variety of public-private partnerships throughout the country, finding that:
The NCPPP report acknowledges that public-private partnerships are not without controversy.