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NCPUNature Clinical Practice Urology (journal)
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PROCESS TaskParallelWorker(firstMatrix, lastMatrix: integer); A: ComplexMatrix[1..N, 1..N]; # matrix of complex numbers BEGIN FOR i IN firstMatrix..lastMatrix DO readMatrix(i, A); # initialize matrix A seq2Dfft(A); # do sequential 2D-FFT OD; END; PROCESS TaskParallelMaster(Nmatrices, Ncpus: integer); S: integer; # number of matrices per worker BEGIN S := Nmatrices/Ncpus; # assume Nmatrices is a FOR i IN 0..Ncpus-1 DO multiple of Ncpus # fork a worker on CPU i, give it a subrange of all matrices FORK TaskParallelWorker(i*S, (i+l)*S-1) ON(i); OD; END; Mixed Task- and Data-Parallel 2D-FFT.
PROCESS MixedWorker(P, firstMatrix, lastMatrix: integer; procs: CPUlist); A: fftObject[1..N]; BEGIN A$$partition(N); A$$distribute_on_list(Procs, P, BLOCK); FOR i IN firstMatrix..lastMatrix DO readMatrix(i, A); # read next matrix 2Dfft(A); # do data-parallel 2D-FFT OD; END; PROCESS mixedTaskDataParallel(Ncpus, Nworkers, Nmatrices: integer); P, S: integer; BEGIN P := Ncpus/Nworkers; # number of CPUs per worker S := Nmatrices/Nworkers; # number of matrices per worker FOR i IN 0..Nworkers-1 DO FORK MixedWorker(P, i*S, (i+1)*S-1, [i*P..(i+1)*P-1]) 0N(i*P); OD; END; 3.