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In its report Made in America: Regaining the Productive Edge, the MIT Commission on Industrial Productivity not only recommended extending the NCRA to manufacturing consortia but also to include marketing consortia (Dertouzous, Lester, and Solow, 1990:105-106).
On the basis of the positive experience the nation has had with NCRA, we recommend that Congress extend similar protections to cover production or manufacturing joint ventures as well.
In addition, NCRA is looking at developing a pipeline to bring in crude oil from Canada.
The NCRA projects are associated with modifications to existing process units, facilities and infrastructure to position the NCRA Refinery to process additional heavy sour crudes in the future.
Meanwhile, consumer-reporting agencies in the National Credit Reporting Association will sell the new risk-assessment package to mortgage lenders and brokers, according to NCRA Executive Director Terry Clemans.
NCRA opponents such as Senator Howard Metzenbaum (D-Ohio) countered that the durability of the antitrust laws had helped protect America's long-term economic and competitive prospects.
One challenge for NCRA has been building its level of online traffic.
The workshop brought together key government departments, NGOs, faith-based organizations, the NCRA, the Roll Back Xenophobia Campaign, and the UNHCR to begin deliberations on the policies of asylum and to consolidate processes needed to holistically address the grim realities facing refugees and asylum seekers.
He stresses that NCRA encourages correctional recreation staff to integrate recreation with other programs, such as counseling and drug rehabilitation, in order to improve the overall education of an inmate.
To get this certification, one must take a national examination administered by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).
He has attended 32 of the last 40 national conventions and served on several NCRA committees.