NCRACNorth Central Regional Aquaculture Center
NCRACNational Community Relations Advisory Council (est. 1944; now Jewish Council for Public Affairs)
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(175) NCRAC, Committee on Interfaith Activities, "Minutes of meeting of April 12, 1949, jointly with representatives of the National Conference of Christians and Jews," p.
In 1950 officials of the National Community Relations Advisory Council (NCRAC) cofounded the Civil Rights Leadership Conference with NAACP chairman Roy Wilkins and the black civil rights and labor leader A.
NCRAC asserted that SNCC "was a small organization in the Negro community, and did not speak for most Negroes." Prominent black leaders had expressly disavowed the inflammatory newsletter, and "[t]he general press reaction was hostile to SNCC." NCRAC reminded its member groups that while they "should expect Negro leaders to denounce and to fight antisemitism wherever it appears ...
Later that fall, NCRAC's constituent organizations reaffirmed the "special empathy between Jew and Negro" and confidently pointed to public opinion polls which demonstrated "that Jews identify with Negro aspirations more than any other group [and] that Negroes generally harbor fewer anti-Jewish prejudices than white people of the same economic status." While unflinching in their condemnation of SNCC's statement, NCRAC's member groups warned against overstating its importance.
The constituent organizations of NCRAC agreed that "[t]he frustration and alienation that impel toward Negro separatism are only too understandable." If black ghetto dwellers were more prone to violence and young black leaders more amenable to antisemitism, society at large bore ultimate culpability.
In 1968, when James Forman--the SNCC official who declared himself "dictator" at the New Politics Convention--demanded $500 million in reparations to the black community, the Synagogue Council of America (SCA) and NCRAC circulated a joint advisory notice to congregations and community relations councils.
While the SCA and NCRAC agreed that "demands for reparations ...
On June I, NCRAC and the Conference of Presidents announced a massive national rally in solidarity with Israel for June 7-8 in Washington, DC.
Speaking just a few days after the AJC board meeting at the NCRAC plenum--itself the quintessential forum of mainstream American Jewry--Morris Abram suggested that so many previously uninvolved American Jews had responded during the recent crisis because of the realization that "they do hold one thing in common with Jews everywhere in the world, and that is a peculiar vulnerability ...
(40.) AJC had only recently rejoined NCRAC after staying outside it since 1952.
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