NCRFWNational Commission on the Role of Filipino Women
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In spite of this popular support, the President ordered the NCRFW
Versoza, executive director of NCRFW, during a National Dialogue (20)
abortion.' With this, NCRFW rationalised the endorsement necessary
The partnerships between the CIDA, the NCRFW and Philippine women's NGOs in promoting state-based gender advocacy and mainstreaming, which began in 1987, are interesting for their discursive practices, or practices grounded in international discourses on gender and development (GAD), organisational capacity development and feminist engagement with the state.
First, we must recognise the interconnectedness and increasingly blurred boundaries of states and civil societies as women's NGO representatives are recruited into the NCRFW as officers, staff and consultants.
It demonstrates how these new emphases dovetailed well with the unfolding political democratisation process and capacity-building needs of both Philippine women's NGOs and the NCRFW under the Corazon Aquino (1987-1992) and Fidel Ramos (1992-1998) administrations.
After the Committee deliberations on the Philippine report, the NCRFW should provide the public a documentation of the meeting.
House Bill 9046 or the proposed Comfort Women Compensation and Benefit Act tasks the NCRFW to determine the authenticity of the claims and identities of comfort women with the assistance of various accredited cause-oriented women's groups.
(Philhealth) is mandated to provide free full medical insurance to comfort women as may be determined by the NCRFW.
While referring to 'position', it means women's social and economic standing relative to men, and status is the social value attached to one's position in the class hierarchy (NCRFW, 2001).
NCRFW (2001) 'Gender 101: Gender sensitivity', The National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW).