NCRLCNational Catholic Rural Life Conference
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Though the book's greatest strengths are its clear narrative and comprehensive scope, Bovee also uses the NCRLC as a case study of Catholic Americanization.
Certainly, the NCRLC's early population agenda was not shared by non-Catholics, while virtually all of its subsequent causes involved coalition-building.
Rural Catholics also Americanized over the course of the twentieth century, but not all of them followed the NCRLC's specific trajectory.
The divergence between the NCRLC and the constituency it ostensibly represented may explain why it perhaps achieved its most significant victories during the early years.
The fact that the book is exhaustively researched and yet cannot explain the divergence between the NCRLC and the practices and attitudes of ordinary rural Catholics suggests that there is much social history yet to be done.
There alone under our present industrial concentration and specialization we find the father and mother as King and Queen of the home, there we find the children as economic assets and not liabilities." For this reason, Ligutti worked tirelessly to reinvigorate the NCRLC and to make this vision a living reality for as many Catholics as he could.
NCRLC is independent yet a close partner of the U.S.
The NCRLC was founded in the Midwest, where half the nation's farms lie in 14 states.
NCRLC activities fall into three categories - education, advocacy and spirituality - and some overlap categories.
The NCRLC offers, for instance, Theology of Land conferences, developed in conjunction with St.
Recently the NCRLC sent a survey to nural life directors and advocates throughout the nation, asking about issues they care about, the work they do, their needs, what they and NCRLC could offer each other.
Since 1990, Julia Kleinschmit has directed the project, working part time in the NCRLC office and part time in PrairieFire's office.