NCRSTNational Consortium on Remote Sensing in Transportation
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Because all their daily needs fall on Ouma Maria's monthly social grant, the NCRST was inspired by the call Nelson Mandela made a year ago for the next generation to take on the burden of leadership in addressing the world's social injustices when he said that "it is in your hands now".
Mvula added "the NCRST shall undertake to provide resources through the Research, Science and Technology Fund for joint funding of planned collaborative efforts; manage the research and development grant in line with Grant Management rules and guidelines of the Research, Science and Technology Fund; and provide technical and financial reports to CRAN".
The NCRST and CRAN started discussing this collaboration last year and we thought that it is important for our two institutions to enter into a strategic partnership to foster Research and Development (R&D) with special emphasis on empowering local talent and skills of enterprises to innovate in order to meet global demands for Namibian ICT products and services.
Mbandeka said "the joint technical committee will formulate and implement robust approaches in order to promote the exchange of information to further the development of cooperation between CRAN and NCRST, in order to address challenges and optimise on the opportunities for improvement as may be encountered in terms of this agreement.
I would like to thank the NCRST for availing the research grants to the Polytechnic.
These concerns have thus far not been addressed either by the Ministry of Education or the NCRST," a joint statement from civil society said.
Until civil society's fundamental objections to the research law and regulations are addressed we cannot see the point of being drawn into ongoing efforts to legitimize the NCRST and its programmes since they are built on foundations that are blatantly unconstitutional.
NCRST provided the necessary funding for the publication of the first journal.