NCRTLNational Center for Research on Teacher Learning (Michigan State University; College of Education)
NCRTLNorth Carolina Right to Life committee
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Contextually speaking, it is possible to assert that after almost three decades of adjustments to a globalized society, the Brazilian student body has reached its peculiar features, which can somehow be related to contemporary demands and to the agenda proposed by the NCRTL (Kennedy, 1991).
Determination of whether the programs were constructivist or conventional was based on their self-description and on TELT study results based on information from interviews, questionnaires, and observation data (for the theoretical and research basis upon which this classification of programs was mace, see Feiman-Nemser & Parker, 1993; Feiman-Nemser, Parker, & Camillieri, 1989; McCarthey, 1992; Mosenthal & Ball, 1992; National Center for Research on Teacher Learning [NCRTL], 1991; NCRTL, 1986; and Wilcox, Schram, Lappan, & Lanier, 1991).
Interns received in-classroom follow-up during their first year of teaching as full-time mentoring for beginning teachers within a community of learners was a strong theme of the program (Feiman-Nemser & Parker, 1993; NCRTL, 1991).
4), because they perceive the tiny pieces of rules and procedures for writing as the subject matter, and they see this content as getting in the way of learning to think about the writing itself (see NCRTL, 1991).