NCRTLNational Center for Research on Teacher Learning (Michigan State University; College of Education)
NCRTLNorth Carolina Right to Life committee
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Contextually speaking, it is possible to assert that after almost three decades of adjustments to a globalized society, the Brazilian student body has reached its peculiar features, which can somehow be related to contemporary demands and to the agenda proposed by the NCRTL (Kennedy, 1991).
An agenda for research on teacher learning (NCRTL special report).
the NCRTL did not address how what these graduates of teacher education
Research on Teacher Learning (NCRTL; Kennedy, 1998).
Preservice 2 emphasized learning to teach mathematics for understanding and Inservice 1 focused on helping teachers develop a constructivist view of mathematics learning; both programs' theoretical approach rejects the view of learners as passive recipients of information (NCRTL, 1991).
This approach to writing--writing as a process, writing for a purpose and within a social context--was particularly coherent among program members and teacher education students (NCRTL, 1991).
no particular programmatic theory drove these courses (NCRTL, 1991, p.
The teacher educators in the constructivist writing-focused Inservice 2, in contrast, expressed disagreement (with a mean of 5.4), because they perceive the tiny pieces of rules and procedures for writing as the subject matter, and they see this content as getting in the way of learning to think about the writing itself (see NCRTL, 1991).
The interview and observation data reported elsewhere by the NCRTL (1991) reveals that at the preservice level .