NCS1Nucleobase Cation Symporter-1
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Nonciliated secretory cells (NCS1 and NCS2 cells) are about 250 [mu]m long and flask-shaped.
The secretory granules of NCS1 cells are ellipsoids about 1 [mu]m long and 0.6 [mu]m in diameter (Figs.
The adhesive material clearly arises from the two types of nonciliated secretory cells (NCS1 and NCS2 cells; Figs.
The disk epidermis consists of five cell types: two types of nonciliated secretory cells containing granules whose content is at least partly mucopolysaccharidic (NCS1 and NCS2 cells); ciliated secretory cells containing granules of unknown content (CS cells); nonsecretory ciliated cells (NSC cells); and support cells.