NCSCRNational Center for Social and Criminological Research (Egypt)
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The researcher explained in a conference held last week by the NCSCR that there is an apparent correlation between the low socio-economic status of most technical education students and their wish to join the labour market at any expense.
In another study, Professor Samira Nasr of the NCSCR says that, if the wife is weak or sick, she often stabs her husband, rather than hitting him, in order to kill him.
"The initiative aims to support Egyptian women, respect their choices and preserve their accomplishments," said NCSCR Director Nesreen El-Boghdady in her opening statement.
The fatwa followed the publication earlier this week of a study carried out by the National Center for Social and Criminological Research (NCSCR) said that one in every five divorces in Egypt is caused by extra-marital affairs begun on Facebook or other social networking sites.
A researcher from the NCSCR interviewed by BBC Arabic radio in a report aired Friday morning, said that Facebook encourages isolationist behavior.
Statistics released by the National Center of Social and Criminological Research (NCSCR) showed a significant increase in the number of unmarried women in Egypt over 35 in the past five years.