NCSCSNorth Carolina Standard Course of Study
NCSCSNational Centre for Sustainable Community Skills (UK)
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(iv) cl(cl(P,E)) = [intersection]{(S,E) : (P,E) [subset or equal to] (S,E) and (S,E) is NCSCS inX} Since cl(P, E) is the smallest closed neutrosophic soft closed set containing cl (P, E).
(v) [[[int(Q, E)].sup.c] = [[union] {(K, E) : (K, E) [subset or equal to] (Q, E) and (K, E) is NCSOS in X}].sup.c] = [intersection] {[(K, E).sup.c] : [(Q, E).sup.c] [subset or equal to] [(k, E).sup.c] and [(K, E).sup.c] is NCSCS in X}]} = cl[[(Q, E).sup.c]].
Differentiation Mechanism of NCSCs. NCSCs are regarded as a valuable cell source for numerous potential cellbased therapies because of their multipotent potential.
In enteric nervous system (ENS), glial-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) is critical for neurogenesis because it promotes the differentiation and survival of NCSCs, while endothelin 3 (ET3) prevents NCSC from differentiating into postmitotic neurons [27].
David Nkoto Emane, general manager, Cameroon Telecommunications Corporation (CAMTEL), said: "The NCSCS system enables us to provide users with faster bandwidth connectivity at a significantly lower cost.
sNCcl(A) = [intersection] {K : is a NCSCS in X and A [subset or equal to] K},
Although early stages of developing chicken embryos are used for the characterization of stem cells such as in case of chain migration of NCSCs, differentiated tissues of chicken embryos cultivated for a prolonged time more closely resemble late stages of development of an organism as in case of differentiated tissue of limbs.