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NCSENational Center for Science Education
NCSENational Council for Science and the Environment
NCSENational Council for Special Education
NCSENational Center for School Engagement (Denver, CO)
NCSENeurobehavioral Cognitive Status Examination
NCSENational Centre for Statistical Ecology (UK)
NCSENational Center on Secondary Education
NCSENon-Convulsive Status Epilepticus
NCSENortel Certified Support Expert
NCSEnuclear criticality safety evaluation
NCSENational Council of Structural Engineers
NCSENational Council for Self-Esteem
NCSENewark City Subway Extension (New Jersey)
NCSENorth Carolina Stage Ensemble
NCSENorth Carolina Symposium and Exhibition
NCSENational Computer Security Educators (now the Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association)
NCSENIST Communications Support Element
NCSENational Certification of Secondary Schools (Trinidad & Tobago)
NCSENotification of Change in Student Enrollment
NCSENational Commission on Safety Education
NCSENetwork for Catholic School Excellence
NCSENational Center on Social Entrepreneurs
NCSENorth Carolina Sport Equestrian
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Branch: NCSE heard from a lot of teachers about the mailing, most of whom already understood that it was an "alarming propaganda publication that was trying to look disguised as science-backed data," to quote one of the milder descriptions.
EEG recordings are recommended for the diagnosis of NCS or NCSE in CSE patients after drug treatment when they are still in an unexplained coma (Recommendation Level C) *EEG monitoring is required for the treatment of SE.
Last year, an NCSE survey found that only 39 percent of US school science teachers were aware of the extent of the scientific consensus over climate change.
There were 18 subjects from the fourth and last year of Spanish CSE (access age: 15) and 19 subjects from the year above, which is the first of two NCSE years (access age: 16).
In popular usage, theory means guess or hunch; however, according to NCSE (2008), theory in science is "a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses.
Q: How long do you think it will take for the NCSE to put a stake in the heart of climate change denial?
Anyone who really believes that a left-wing advocacy outfit such as NCSE doesn't support big-government "solutions" in the war against certain types of energy production is terminally naive.
Scott's NCSE lectern, to Intelligent Design lectures, to actual elementary school science classes in New York City.
To date, over a thousand Steves have signed on--and, as NCSE boasts, Steves constitute only about 1 percent of scientists.
If I were the NCSE [National Center for Science Education; http://ncse.
The NCSE, presenting at the 2002 United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), defined this emerging role of libraries in terms of 1) fostering collaborative partnerships, 2) increasing community awareness, and 3) directing the energies of library organizations in supporting sustainability.