NCSLNational Conference of State Legislatures
NCSLNational College for School Leadership
NCSLNational Computer Systems Laboratory
NCSLNational Conference of Standards Laboratories
NCSLNational Capital Soccer League (Washington, DC)
NCSLNational Conference on Student Leadership (now National Center for Student Leadership)
NCSLNational Center for Student Leadership (formerly National Conference on Student Leadership)
NCSLNational Council of State Legislators
NCSLNational Computer Systems Laboratory (NIST)
NCSLNorth Carolina Student Legislature
NCSLNaval Code and Signal Laboratory (US Navy)
NCSLNon Commentary Source Lines
NCSLNaval Coastal Systems Laboratory
NCSLNational Center for Summer Learning (Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD)
NCSLNashville Center for Spiritual Living (Nashville, TN)
NCSLNational Computer Security Laboratory
NCSLNeighborhood Children's Sports League (Milwaukee, WI)
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"Fewer states are reporting budget gaps, and revenue performance is improving," says NCSL president Marty Stephens, speaker of the Utah House.
Many heads have had little or no formal training in how to use computers and the Internet, the NCSL said.
The NCSL unanimously approved its own version of the Act and Agreement on Jan.
Both the NCSL and the National Association of Counties are prepared to take legal action if the composition of the commission is not adjusted to meet statutory requirements.
If ever there was a perfect fit between an organization, its members, its mission and its staff leader, the match between NCSL and Bill Pound is it.
The NCSL said that they considered Al-Sisi's statement "a declaration of civil war and the start of nationwide massacres."
More than 60 delegates from schools, local authorities and NCSL's partnership organisations have been taking part in the event at the Newcastle Marriott Hotel this week.
According to NCSL, 43 of the 49 states with constitutions that require balanced budgets have already completed the process for this fiscal year, using fiscal reserves, specific fee increases, and other cost-cutting measures.
NCSL chiefs fear that would result in greater pressure on schools to perform, putting pupils through intensified selection and assessment processes.
Subject heads that take part in the NCSL's Learning from the Middle programme will be required to play Virtual School.