NCSLANational Conference of State Liquor Administrators
NCSLANorth Carolina Science Leadership Association (science education)
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The NCSLA is funded largely by contributions from the liquor industry, and the committee members pressed Cook to explain how she and others have gotten reimbursed for travel to attend the group's meetings.
When she has attended NCSLA board meetings, Cook said, the state fronts the money and Cook then gets reimbursed personally from the group.
Davis suggested the arrangement could be interpreted as a state loan to NCSLA and told Cook these transactions between a private and state entity made it "very easy to game this system."
Cook said she could "account for every dime" from NCSLA and would be happy to turn those records over to Davis.
She had aides distribute to the TABC witnesses copies of a controversial flyer - created by TABC staff with input from Cook and another top agency official - depicting the top brass headed to one of the NCSLA conferences while guzzling or holding bottles of Lone Star beer.
"We were honored to be participate in the NCSLA Annual Conference," said Rehr.
Other panels offered during the NCSLA Conference included discussions on state restrictions on Internet wine sales, the new Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, and various ethical issues confronting the licensed beverage industry.